Client Service Agreement
Client Service Agreement
Client Service Agreement
Client Service Agreement
Client Service Agreement

Client Service Agreement

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Do you provide 1:1 creative services for clients and are finally ready for a "real" contract? Get this attorney-drafted template TODAY!  Comes with complete instructions so that your next client is on-boarded seamlessly to your professional creative service provider relationship.

This client services agreement has been tried and tested with dozens of businesses just like yours so that it sets up clear expectation of what you and your client will be doing to have a succesful project. This template comes with highlighted fields so that you can customize the services you are providing, including the kind of payment options you do  -- AND it has all of the legalese to make it legit in the eyes of a higher power, a judge, or Oprah (not necessarily in that order). Don’t let the logistics keep you from expanding your business and landing those perfect-fit clients!! Have something solid from DAY ONE so that when someone is interested in what you have to offer -- you can work with them immediately in the way you want to. 

Within one hour of start-to-finish you can download this, personalize to your business, and have it uploaded to a free e-sign service like Hellosign or Docusign, or integrated it into your client software system like Dubsado, 17 Hats, or Honeybook. BAM -- you are ready to PLAY BALL. 

Perfect for: freelancers, event planners, graphic designers, web designers, virtual assistants (VAs), social media managers, fulfillment helpers, part-time assistants, stylists, SEO consultants, social media managers, customer service helpers, photographers, copy writers, videographers, vegan-dog-food-stop-motion-photographer or literally any of the BAJILLION new jobs the Internet is making up every day.)   


  • Details on what services will be provided
  • payment details (including when and how much money will be paid out)
  • intellectual property/content ownership
  • deliverables
  • how will revisions work and who approves them
  • client timeline and "homework" expectations
  • confidentiality clause so that what happens in your businesses STAYS in your business
  • disclaimer and liability protection so that if things go wrong they don’t REALLY go wrong
  • contract kill-button clause
  • PLUS all of the boring legal mumbo-jumbo that turns this into a real bonafide contract you can feel proud of putting YOUR name on.
  • Template in an editable Word .doc format with customizable fields/options
  • Video screenflow of creative attorney Brittany Ratelle walking you through the template
  • .PDF instructions, and our favorite hacks for customizing contract templates
  • License to use the template for your business purposes (you can send to an attorney or those you are doing business with, on your team and theirs).
Not a good fit if:
  • If you are setting up a retainer or doing automatic payment from a direct deposit (will need additional terms/signature to set up)
  • If YOU are the one hiring someone to do something for your business -- we recommend the Independent Contractor Agreement!