Pop-up Shop Retail Agreement
Pop-up Shop Retail Agreement
Pop-up Shop Retail Agreement

Pop-up Shop Retail Agreement

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This Pop-up Shop Agreement is perfect for outlining the responsibilities and expectations of a temporary retail relationship between a Seller (the Company making the goods or selling the services) and the Host (the Stockist, store, venue or other retailer who will be selling or helping to facilitate the sale to the public). 

This agreement is perfect for: 

  • Single-day or multi-day pop-sup shop in a retail store

  • Craft fairs or holiday fairs with multiple vendors (agreement has provisions for either the vendors collect payment or the host providing payment and cash wrap services)

  • Fundraising craft fairs or holiday fairs

  • Homemade or Maker goods fairs

  • Farmer’s markets

  •  Clothing and accessories pop-ups 

  • Baby products pop-ups

  • Jewelry pop-ups

  • Paper products pop-ups

  • Gift products wholesale

  • Any other CPG (consumer product good) pop-ups

  • Or any type of pop-up retail setup between two parties!

And if you are participating in a pop-up shop relationship and someone sends YOU a contract or agreement or has you agree to some terms and conditions with a click-wrap box, make sure it has some of the same language that this one has (or negotiate for it!). If the other side doesn’t have a contract, offer to send one over and feel confident that the terms are clear and fair to you both!