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What Customers are Saying

I love that these contracts walk you through the options you have depending on what your business is. I love knowing that everything is exactly right for my business and website, and I didn’t have to know any crazy legal terms. 

Sarah Ensign, Ensign Insights

I appreciated the hand holding with the tutorial videos.  They made me feel like I was doing it like a pro.

Sarah Asay, Birth Circle

Being a creative business owner is a little tricky because my mind is...well...creative.  So, the legal part of my business always suffered and, frankly, it scared me.  When I found Brittany and her legal templates, I felt peace and confidence knowing that I was finally taking care of my business the right way. Using her products has empowered me to do more and to grow more.

Michelle Gifford, Women with Fire Podcast

Well, first Brittany is amazing! And second, it was easy to navigate once I knew which contract I would need for my business. When filling out the contract template, it was user friendly even for my non-lawyer self. Truly the best attorney and contract shop to work with!

Mallory Fogas, Arrow + Root
Brittany Ratelle attorney for creative entrepreneurs

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