Direct Sales Legal Bundle
Direct Sales Legal Bundle
Direct Sales Legal Bundle

Direct Sales Legal Bundle

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Get a downloadable DIY legal bundle to get your direct sales business legally legit!

Are you ready to get your direct sales/network marketing/MLM/independent distributor/consultant/artist/did we include ALL of the legit?

So you love a product -- and you love people -- and you have hit your stride selling something in a way that works for your life, skills, and setup. However -- have you been a little lost on the business side of stuff? Maybe your company has given you some great pointers about parties and booths -- but little about bookkeeping and FTC rules? Maybe you are great with makeup tutorials -- and rusty on your liability coverage??

Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • What should I sell? What are the pros and cons?
  • Am I a "real" business owner? (spoiler alert -- you ARE if you're making $1 dollar!!) 
  • What business expenses can I usually deduct for my taxes?
  • Do I need to register my business? Which business entity is right for me? And how do I set that up?
  • What kind of websites or pages can I set up to promote my business?
  • How do I know I'm not being ripped off by the parent company?
  • Do I need legal statements on my website?
  • Where can I get them? What do they need to say?
  • Can I repost pictures if I tag people? 
  • How do I use testimonials in the right way?
  • What do I need to be careful about when talking about my earnings in my business to others who might join?

Bottom line -- how can I do this RIGHT? ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS are answered in this DIY Legal Bundle. 

 This attorney-drafted Legal Bundle includes 

  • a step-by-step beautiful checklist of what to do to get your direct sales biz legally legit
  • my FULL website legal bundle, which includes a GDPR-compliant privacy policy, and website terms (a $300 value on its own, and you'd pay 3x that much to hire an attorney to draft these, at a minimum!!)
  • swipe file disclaimers/disclosure for earnings statement, affiliate statement, health/wellness/medical advice disclaimer, and testimonial disclaimer (with explanations of which you need on your website and WHY)
  • ++ a pre-signup checklist for anyone who is thinking about getting started in direct sales -- what questions should you be asking?? What research should you do? What are the red flags that you need to be aware of since you are acting as an independent contractor with your OWN liability/reputation/time/money at stake? 
  • license to use this legal bundle for any of your individual businesses (by all means - rinse and repeat!!). You can't share with a friend or a FB group -- but if you love it and REALLY want to help others #getlegitwithbritt too -- you can check out our affiliate opportunities! 

So what are you waiting for? I'm sure you love your product. I bet you're a great people person -- but you need to look out for YOU. The buck always stops with you -- even if you are selling someone else's product, so you need to make sure that you have your ducks in a row. 

Take some big girl #adulting#bossbabe#hustlehard and aLL the hashtags steps to take of that stuff TODAY and GET IT DONE. 

Remember -- you are a BUSINESS OWNER -- so you need to OWN your business -- in every sense of the word. 

Jurisdiction: These templates adheres to the US principles of contract law and are designed for those doing business in the United States. While similar principles may apply in your jurisdiction, please consult with a local attorney.

Disclaimer: The templates include instructions to customize the form for your particular business and creative needs. While this is an attorney-drafted document, the online landscape changes quickly and decisively and nothing in this transaction or document establishes an attorney-client relationship. If you have questions about the template and whether it fits your specific vision, operations or strategy -- please contact an attorney who practices in this area. Brittany Ratelle, LLC is NOT a law firm and cannot offer you legal advice in applying this document to your particular fact situation. The information offered on or should be considered for informational purposes only and is NOT LEGAL ADVICE. No attorney-client privilege created by purchasing a product on this website.