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Ultimate Event Legal Bundle

Ultimate Event Legal Bundle

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Are you an event host that is ready to get your legal ducks in a row?

Score this Ultimate Event Legal Bundle and save by getting 1)event waiver/media release for your participants and 2)event sponsorship template. Be ready to confidently host your professional event and save some money and stress in the process. 


Event Liability Release & Media Waiver Template


  • the legal language you need to protect against unnecessary liability 

  • version with attendee input for smaller events where you want to collect some biographical information

  • version for minors 

  • model release language so you can take photography/videography of event attendees and use it for your purposes

  • space to include your own thoughtful return or cancellation policy

  • language about intellectual property rights for your content/materials

  • PLUS all of the boring legal mumbo-jumbo that turns this into a real bonafide contract you can feel proud of putting YOUR business and event name on.


  • Template in an editable Word .doc format with customizable fields/options

  • 3-page instruction PDF on how to use the template and customize it to YOUR business

  • License to use the template for your business purposes (you can send to an attorney, make it available for your attendees, or those you are doing business with, on your team and theirs). 

Not a good fit if:

  • If your in-person activity is a high-risk or dangerous activity -- I suggest you work with an attorney (sky diving, trampoline park, ski resort, mimosa + free-climbing get the picture!!!)

Also includes: 

Event Sponsorship Agreement Template

This Event Sponsorship Agreement will help you outline the responsibilities and expectations when working with a sponsor to monetize your event. Regardless of what kinds of signage, ads, deliverables, giveaways, or other services you are providing for a brand, this agreement will fairly protect both parties and make sure you are both on the same page (literally!).

This template is perfect for anyone who is or who wants to support their event (whether virtual or physical) through sponsorship and wants to have a professional, clear and concise agreement outlining how they will be working with a sponsor, at any level. Make sure you won't scare off sponsor by being able to confidently click SEND with an agreement that can be taken seriously -- just like you.

This agreement contains clauses covering: 

  • Event details - date, time, location

  • Sponsorship Benefits/deliverables

  • Details for the length, frequency and timing of deliverables

  • Option for exhibit booth display

  • Any sponsored content or ad on other supporting channels/media

  • Giveaway details

  • Product obligations for sponsor (including timing)

  • Payment

  • Indemnification

  • Independent contractor status

  • Intellectual property protection for both parties

  • Optional Licensing language for deliverables/sponsored content

  • Termination and cancellation

  • Force majeure clause

  • Plus ALL the legalese to protect YOU

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Product FAQ

What does a contract purchase include?

Contract template in an editable Word .doc format with customizable fields/options

Video screenflow of attorney Brittany Ratelle walking you through the contract template

.PDF instructions, and our favorite hacks for customizing contract templates

Single-user license to edit, use, and reuse the template for your business purposes

Where can I use this contract?

Jurisdiction: This template adheres to the U.S. principles of contract law and is designed for those doing business or governed by United States law. While similar principles may apply in your jurisdiction, please consult with a local attorney for any specific questions.

What are the term of use for this contract?

Authorized Use: This template includes a single-user license. You may reuse this form as many times as you need for your business transactions, or in multiple brands or businesses as long as it is owned and controlled by the same user/purchaser. Brittany Ratelle, LLC grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the template in your business or personal affairs. You can send it to whoever you are doing business with for their signature (including their support staff), and you can send it to an attorney to review or edit. If you love our templates and want to share them with a friend, group, or audience, please become an affiliate and help us get others legally legit!

Prohibited Use: You may not license, sublicense, sell, resell, transfer, assign, distribute, or make this document available to a third party, other than the people listed above. You may not upload this document to a website, email it to someone, or otherwise share it publicly. Thank you for respecting creators and copyright law.

How do I get people to sign a contract?

E-signature platforms we like: HelloSign, DocuSign, Jotforms,

CRM/project management system we like: Dubsado, 17 Hats, Honeybook, and Harlow

Simply upload your polished document to a software platform and insert smart fields to make e-signature an easy-peasy process!